Electric Narrow Aisle

Mast Reach – Sit-down – 3500-4500lbs


  • Full AC system
  • Finger tip control
  • 14 km/h top speed
  • Zapi controlers by Canbus technology
  • Electric power steering(EPS)
  • Redesigned hydraulic system, 15% increase lifting speed, with buffering cylinder limit system.
  • Very low noise operation, bearly hear it operating
  • Ergonomic cab, ease of operation and full adjustable suspension seat
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Easy Battery maintenance, pull out by itself.
  • Parking brake assist on slop
  • Integral side shift to maximize capacity with tilt function
  • 2 modes steering, 180deg or 360deg
  • Full LCD Display

The main parameter

Height of overhead guard (cab) 87 inch 87 inch
Truck body length (fork excluded) 72 inch 76 inch
Mast height (lowered) 91 inch 91 inch
Operator type Seated Seated
Truck body width 50 inch 50 inch
Engine type Electric Electric
Free lift height 50 inch 50 inch
Battery Voltage/Rated capacity 48/450 V/Ah 48/560 V/Ah
Configuration Number GB2S GB2S
Load Center 24 inch 24 inch
Rated Capacity 3527 pounds 4409 pounds
Standard Lift Height 181 inch 181 inch