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We offer training on all types of forklifts and scissor lifts.

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Training is available for new participants as well as re-certifications. Training can be done at your workplace facility or at Lift North America. All training comes with expert knowledge of forklifts and scissor lifts.

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Our trainer has over 20 years experience in the material handling equipment industry.

You will learn about all the capabilities and functions of your forklift. Safety is our top priority and we will make sure you are fully trained on how to operate your forklift safely.

Training for forklifts is mandatory and you must be re-certified at least every 3 years. All training is done in compliance with Ontario Regulation 851.

Why Choose Us?

Why Get Your Forklift License:

More Job
Incidents &
In compliance
with the law
Potential Job

What You’ll Learn:


Who can drive a forklift, the types of trucks, and the dangers involved.

Stabilizing & Counter Balance

Learn about tipping and stabilizinvg forklifts and safely loading/unloading your trucks

Forklift Maintenance

Refueling procedures (Propane and Gasoline) and Battery Checks for Electric Equipment.

Driving a Variety of Trucks

Operating Reach Trucks and Pallet Trucks, Racking and Storage.

What You’ll Learn:

Compliance pays special attention to:

  • Competence of person doing load handling
  • Inspection frequency
  • Record keeping
  • Operator procedures
  • Assessment of load handling capacity
  • General safety inspection
  • Operator competence
  • Training
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