Introducing Battery Monitoring Solutions

Here is why you should monitor your battery performance

Dependable and reliable are two words you need associated with your material-handling equipment. The new Battery Monitoring Solution allows you to track your battery performance with our new software and hardware packages.

Battery Monitoring Solutions are now available at Lift North America.

The batteries that power your industrial fleet drive your business forward. Avoid their unnecessary wear. Maximize their charge cycles. Prolong their lifespan. Our battery monitoring solution unleashes the potential of your battery-powered fleet.

Get real-time information

  • Reports and alert notifications on all battery parameters, including voltage, current, temperature, internal resistance, state of charge and state of health.

Lower your operational costs

  • Monitoring battery conditions, fillings, improper use, and service intervals allows you to significantly lower the costs of your operations.

Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS) are available for batteries ranging from (12 to 36V) up to (48 to 80V).

Here is why you should monitor your battery performance

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