Cascade 70F Fork Clamp

Cascade 70F Fork Clamp

A high-capacity clamp for a wide variety of loads.

The Cascade 70F Fork Clamp is ideal for handling a wide variety of loads. Awkward loads such as crates, bales, and tires can be clamped between the forks. The 70F fork clamp also functions as a fork positioner, allowing the truck operator to quickly reposition the forks to fit varying pallet or container configurations. Forks can be opened wider than the frame width—something a normal fork positioner cannot do—which makes handling wide loads easier and safer.

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  • Rugged I-beam frame for durability and visibility
  • Regenerative hydraulic circuit for faster arm speed
  • One piece frame bearings for superior durability and serviceability
  • Maximum bearing surface for longer bearing life
  • Bi-directional pressure relief valve for clamp and sideshift circuits
  • Independent arm control
  • Special pressure relief configurations
  • Quick-change lower hooks
  • Non-standard frame widths and opening ranges
  • Customized fork types and sizes
  • Load backrests

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