A Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Facility Cleaning

Avoid Slips and Falls – Minimize Accidents, Injury, and Cost with the correct cleaning regime! Regular warehouse/manufacturing cleaning is important to ensure a tidy, safe, and clean environment. In fact, slips and falls are the leading cause of workplace injury, and the majority can be easily avoided with the right...

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Save Money with Preventative Maintenance

Your Material Handling Equipment requires regular maintenance to keep in good working order. When equipment is not maintained, it can run inefficiently, cause expensive and dangerous failures, and ultimately cost more to replace. Let’s break down how maintenance saves you money and extends the life of your equipment. What is...

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Meet the Team: Craig MacAdam

Craig MacAdam is a Financial and Strategic Partner at Lift North America. In 2015 Craig MacAdam joined Lift North America as a financial and strategic partner. Craig, a Chartered Financial Analyst, spent his career as an institutional portfolio manager on Bay Street for 17 years before joining our team and...

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Meet the Team: Derek Radford

Derek Radford is the Company Founder and the Sales Manager of Lift North America. Lift North America was founded in 2006 by Derek Radford and Ian McNeill. Derek and Ian had extensive knowledge in the material handling industry and agreed the market was in need of a well-run Service, Sales...

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Equipment Guide: Lift Truck Attachments

With the enormous variety of attachments and options available for lift trucks, it can be difficult to know what you need. Most attachments are designed for use on standard lift trucks. Sideshift. This is the most common attachment and should be considered standard equipment. The side-shift device allows the fork...

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How to Choose the Right Truck

Let us help you choose the best equipment to meet your needs! Do you need a standard forklift or an order picker? What about the fuel type, mast requirements, and attachment options? If you're not sure or need help deciding what truck is best for your needs, read our comprehensive...

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Forklift Operator Safety

We take health and safety seriously - make sure your team and safe, and legally compliant. Two facts about powered lift trucks have made them a priority for the Ontario Ministry of Labour: their use in thousands of workplaces and their continuing role as a significant cause of serious worker injury and...

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Forklift Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Save time and money with preventative maintenance. We believe that keeping your business moving is critical. Any loss in productivity can prove costly, and we don’t just mean the cost of fixing your machines. Unplanned maintenance costs can range from lost production, staff time, emergency parts and – let’s face...

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A Message from Derek Radford, President of Lift North America

I would like to start off by thanking all LNA employees for their contribution, dedication and hard work. It’s only through teamwork and mutual respect that any organization can thrive. As the person who does all the hiring, team building has always been my number one priority. The workplace has...

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