Who We Are

Founded in 2006, Lift North America has grown to become the largest independent lift truck service provider in Canada. Situated in the heart of the country’s biggest market, the company has earned a reputation as a leader in the material handling industry.

Our business model has been strategically designed to provide the support, knowledge and resources to improve efficiencies, uptime and overall productivity throughout any operation.

Our unique network of over 50 employees, strive to provide consistency of support and service. This allows us to recommend and implement the best solutions for operational challenges to our over 750 firmly entrenched active customers.

What We Do

We proudly offer a wide range of material handling solutions across the region and specialize in sales, parts and service of all makes and all models of lift trucks, as well as reach trucks, scissor lifts, sweeper scrubbers and booms.

Lift North America is also strategically designed to provide support, knowledge and resources to our partners by consistently improving efficiencies, uptime and overall productivity.

Why It Matters

As we continue to grow our business, Lift North America promises to continue to grow yours.

Through our continuous improvement process, we stand by our commitment to ensure we constantly provide our partners with total satisfaction.


A Message from the President of Lift North America

I would like to start off by thanking all LNA employees for their contribution, dedication and hard work. It’s only through teamwork and mutual respect that any organization can thrive. As the person who does all the hiring, team building has always been my number one priority. The work place has to be an enjoyable place to be for all of us.

To all our valued customers I say thank you. Know that I appreciate your business. You do more for us than simply hire our services. You provide incomes for all our staff and livelihoods for their families. Business is personal. When you hire LNA you do so with the confidence that we will help make you better at what you do. We will help you succeed in your job. This is the personal touch we hope to stamp on every transaction we do. Customer Service is not easy. It takes focus, effort and knowing what our customers want. Our aim is to deliver.

I am committed to always be improving. The service business has it problems. We work on equipment and things don’t always come apart or go back together the way they should. The only guarantee any service provider can give you is that there will be problems. It’s how those problems are solved that separates us from the others. Our group has all bought in on problem solving. We want to be a company that is easy to deal with.

To our future customers, we understand there are many options available to you. Know that we want your business. Every single thing we service or sell, whether it be a forklift, sweeper scrubber, or scissor lift we will support 100%. Let us help you move your material.

Derek Radford



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