Heli New CQD20 – Sit Down Mast Reach G series

Heli New CQD20 – Sit Down Mast Reach G series

Sit Down Mast Reach G series


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  • Full AC system
  • Finger tip control
  • 14 km/h top speed
  • Zapi controlers by Canbus technology
  • Electric power steering(EPS)
  • Redesigned hydraulic system, 15% increase lifting speed, with buffering cylinder limit system.
  • Very low noise operation, bearly hear it operating
  • Ergonomic cab, ease of operation and full adjustable suspension seat
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Easy Battery maintenance, pull out by itself.
  • Parking brake assist on slop
  • Integral side shift to maximize capacity with tilt function
  • 2 modes steering, 180deg or 360deg
  • Full LCD Display: – Direction & steering position
  • Traveling modes
  • Lifting lock indication
  • Battery status
  • Hours meter & time
  • Fork height display(optional)

Other Characteristics / Options

  • Fork height display
  • Lifting height pre-selection
  • Mast selection from 4600mm(181”) to 12500mm(492”)

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