Dustbane Orbit

Dustbane Orbit

All Systems Floor Finish

Developed for use in high profile areas where the ultimate “wet look” gloss and durability are desired. Its high solid content builds the required film thickness with fewer of coats.

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4 L 52064
20 L 52066


Colour White
Odour Acrylic
pH 7.5 – 8.0
Viscosity Not Determined
Solvents No
Phosphates No
Heated Freight Yes
TDG Regulated No
Shelf Life 3 Years
UL 2777

How To Use

Preparation: Before your initial application, the floor must be stripped of any old finish, rinsed thoroughly with potable water and allowed to dry. Sealing the floor is recommended prior to applying a floor finish.

Application: Using a clean mop and bucket, apply 1-3 coats (depending on the porosity of the floor) allowing the floor to completely dry between coats, at least 30 minutes or more.

Maintenance: Dust and/or wet mop daily. Spray buff as needed. For best results, after damp mopping with a neutral floor detergent, apply Orbit diluted at 1:4, let dry for 30 minutes then burnish the floor. Burnishing daily is highly recommended but not imperative.

Coverage: Coverage per 4 L is 149 m² (1600 ft²) to 232 m² (2500 ft²) depending upon porosity of the floor.

Where To Use

Suitable for all resilient and non-resilient floors except for unsealed wood and cork.


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