Cascade 120F & 150F Paper Roll Clamps

Cascade 120F & 150F Paper Roll Clamps

The 120F and 150F Paper Roll Clamps are designed for operations that handle large, heavy rolls such as kraft, linerboard and SC/LWC rolls. They are application rated and field proven for demanding operations.

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  • Reduced Roll Damage
  • Proven contact pad shape and surface holds rolls securely
  • Positioned Short Arm and Swing Frame models maintain thin arm profile over a wide range of roll diameters, easing roll breakout and permitting close stacking
  • Fast Roll Handling
  • Good visibility through and around clamp
  • Continuous 360° rotation
  • Excellent Durability
  • Unitized construction provides structural integrity in arms and frame
  • Proven, heavy-duty rotator drive train
  • Pivot bushings are lube-free and provide longer service life


  • Fixed Frame/Fixed Short Arm
  • Excellent arm profile when handling rolls near max. diameter.
  • Fixed Frame/Positioned Short Arm
  • Good arm profile over a wide range of roll diameters.
  • Swing Frame/Positioned Short Arm
  • Improves handling in tight stacking locations such as boxcar breakout, allows easy lateral positioning
  • Arms can be positioned to equal length configuration
  • Split Arm
  • The two long arm sections move independently, allowing you to handle two different size rolls simultaneously.

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