Cascade 100G/120G/140G Sideshifting Fork Clamp

Cascade 100G/120G/140G Sideshifting Fork Clamp

Industry proven fork clamps for versatile load clamping and handling.

G-Series Fork Clamps are ideal for clamping a variety of loads including crates, bales and tires, even at extended opening ranges. G-Series Fork Clamps allow the truck operator to quickly reposition the forks to fit varying pallet or container configurations. Ideal for food processing, automotive manufacturing, recycling, foundries and general manufacturing operations.

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  • Custom opening ranges.
  • Custom frame widths.
  • Custom fork types and sizes.
  • Custom high-pressure hydraulic system (120G/140G)
  • Various mounting options available.
  • Quick-Disconnect lower hooks.
  • Steel hydraulic valve guard.
  • Cylinder protection bumper.
  • Clamp Open Guard.
  • Consult Cascade for customized solutions to fit your application.

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