Heli H Series 4.0-5.0TON

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Heli H Series 4.0-5.0TON

Truck Type: Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck

  • Extra leg room
  • Wideview mast
  • Standard hydraulic hose and fitting
  • Full suspension seat with seat belt
  • Full lighting package, mirrors, backup alarm, rear working lamp
  • Toughfest powertrain in the market over 30 years in service
  • Nissan engine for gas and propane, Mitsubishi for diesel
Make Heli
Model Number CPYD40/45/50,IC
Tires Pneumatic or Solid
Power Gas(Q), Propane(Y), Diesel(C)
Lift Capacity 8000lbs(4.0t) to 10000lbs(10t)
Lift Height 248"
Collapsed Height 78"
Condition New

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